Wakkerstroom Tourism “In full flight for Tourism” – Birders Paradise – Jewel and 2nd Oldest Town of Mpumalanga South Africa 

Motto: Inter Flumina et Montes  – Between rivers and mountains

Wakkerstroom –  ‘The Jewel of Mpumalanga”

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The area was first inhabited by the SAN people around 1500 and experienced the first white settlements in 1853 with the town being established in 1859.  More…

The Story behind the Painting of the Wagon on the North East facing side, of Ossewakop mountain , in Wakkerstroom Read More…

The History of Wakkerstroom, as told by Oom Chris Smit one of it’s oldest residents.   Read more …

The Grey (Southern) Crowned Crane is a symbol to Mpumalanga and found in Wakkerstroom
An `endangered` species found in Southern Africa and around Wakkerstroom Wetland areas


“We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather about us that they may see, it may be, their own images, and so live for a moment with a clearer, perhaps even with a fiercer life because of our quiet.”  WB Yates

A “Frogging” week-end was organized by Kristi Garland from Birdlife South Africa, Nick Evans of KZN Amphibian & Reptile Conservation and Richard and Candice McKibbin of The Lionheart Experience. It was a weekend worth raving about! Participants had a blast and the wildlife seen surpassed the organizer’s expectations.

The weekend was predominantly focused on frogs. A total of 14 frog species were found, including over 25 of the charismatic little rattling frogs.  During the course of the weekend, visitors experienced more incredible wildlife sightings, including water mongoose, striped field mouse, spotted necked otter, spring-hare and a serval! Butterflies and moths were spotted too.


Falcon Male

Amur Falcon male; photo, courtesy of Jenni Maxted-Smith

Wakkerstroom is blessed with three major bird habitat types – wetlands, grasslands and forests – and this, together with a wide attitudinal range, increases the Birders opportunities with relatively little effort required from birders.



Some of our beloved summer visitors include the  Amur falcon (Falco amurensis).  This is a small raptor of the falcon family.  Of great interest to Birders.  The local club often arranges trips to view their activities.



It breeds in south-eastern Siberia and Northern China before Birdersmigrating in large flocks across India and over the Arabian Sea to winter in Southern Africa.



 Wakkerstroom Music Festival