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Magic in the Mist – in Wakkerstroom Download full story here

The South African Magic Council (SAMCO) and various performers, local and international, wowed patrons who attended the Magic Show….what a delight to have had them host their convention in Wakkerstroom.

Feedback from the Art & Craft Successful Ramble 2016

Attention to all visitors from Gauteng travelling to Wakkerstroom – The route from Standerton to Volksrust is very bad at the moment with many stop/go’s to impede you.

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If you are looking for a fabulous country experience, clean air, peace and quiet, comfort and a range or restaurants from basic pub food, through the coffee shop range to gourmet meals, then you should come to visit Wakkerstroom.  We have it all!  Jy kan die perfekte akkommodasie kies en lekker slaap.  Loer ‘n bietjie na ons lekker reeks van slaap akkommodasie in Wakkerstroom

The Information Centre

The Wakkerstroom Tourism Association set up its own Information centre last August. It’s situated in the front part of the building to the left of the Country Inn if you are looking at the NG Kerk over the road.

It’s a good place to visit if you want info on places to stay, eateries, shops and birding It’s open in winter from Tuesday through to Saturday, 9 to 4 and on Sunday 9 – 12.30

So when you’re in town, pop in – we’re always glad to see you. 

Railway Station

In 1913 Parliament sanctioned  the building of  a railway line from Volksrust to Bethal. Work started in 1914  The 32 mile stretch between Wakkerstroom and Amersfoort was opened on 5 June 1916. Sadly, the stretch of line is no longer in use.


Since the ending of the rail link, the station buildings were leased out by various people as an eatery known as De Oude Stasie;  Presently, Sharmaine Allen, who took over from Len van Eyck and Hannelie van der Walt just recently, owns and manages the establishment.  The Station Master’s house is still in use and occupied by Bertus and Rita Wiesemann


Squacco Heron.

Squacco Heron

Squacco Heron

A breeding resident on our vlei which is an ideal habitat for them with permanent water but elsewhere can be nomadic moving in response to rain and flooding. This birds startling change from apparently biscuit-brown all over when stationary to its flight pattern when the gleaming white wings, rump and tail are exposed is a transformation! 2-4 (usually 3) pale blue eggs are laid mainly between December and May. Their conservation status is Not Threatened.  Bird Club, BirdLife South Africa  

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