Runnymede Iris Farm 

Contact Person
Sue Dandridge
Phone Number
083 585 9791

“Our Irises have been put to bed for winter, we get them up again in SPRING”


“Runnymede Iris Farm  can supply over 150 different varieties of Bearded Irises.  They flower in all the shades of the rainbow.     “

This farm was founded by Brenda Carter nearly 20 years ago and is now proudly continued by her daughter Sue Dandridge.

Irises are so low maintenance that Brenda Carter would like to  say ‘they are hard to kill’! – they are drought resistant, water wise and frost tolerant.

When different varieties are planted together they make a most spectacular display.  The grey/green colour and sharp shape of the iris’s foliage will add a valuable contrast to any herbaceous garden.

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