Wetlands Country Retreat (HuntEssential) 

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Hannelie van der Walt
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Farm Oudehoutdraai

GPS : S 27° 19’ 385, E 030° 12’ 132
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Wetlands Country Retreat is part of the Huntessential Group of companies. This magnificent destination is just 3 hours drive from Johannesburg, situated at the foothills of the Drakensberg mountains, consisting of 14 500 hectares of mountain grassland and wetlands.

Sixteen trout filled dams are at your disposal, and game birds such as Duck, Geese and Guinea Fowl make this their home.

Plains game such as Eland, Springbuck, Black Wildebeest and Reedbuck are very at home here – and you will be too!

The property has more than 150 natural springs and 7 waterfalls. The average rainfall in this area is about 1 000 (one thousand) mm per annum, which coined the saying in Wakkerstroom that “in summer it rains every day and on Sundays twice”.

The property has thousands of valleys filled with natural bush and vegetation which include rare species of trees like the Yellow Wood. The property has 32 (thirty-two) huntable species of animals and with its 17 (seventeen) trout filled lakes provides a diversity of amenities for the outdoor person.

The property is also the origin of both the Tugela and the Pongola Rivers, which in return leads to one of South Africa’s few wetland areas. Due to this unique environment you find the highest concentration of birdlife species diversity in South Africa and is it renowned for the highest concentration of bird species per square kilometer as well and over 50 (fifty) species of Dragon and Damselflies.




The property’s unique setting has also allowed us to create an interesting hunting experience by constructing 6 (six) individual very well positioned hunting cabins that are scattered over the entire property, which are all inter connected to create a mountain type hunting experience whilst hunting for illusive species like the Nyala and Bushbuck, but can evenly run into a big Buffalo bull wading in one of the many springs on the property.

Main species to be hunted are: Blesbok-common, Blesbok-white, Buffalo, Bushbuck, Bushpig, Caracal, Duiker, Eland, Gray Rheebok, Red Hartebeest, Black Back Jackal, Red Letchwe, Nyala, Oribi, Ostrich, Porcupine, Reedbuck, Common Reedbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Springbok-common, Springbok-black, Springbok-white, Springbok-copper, Steenbok, Waterbuck, Wildbeest-black, Zebra-burchell.




Try your hand at fly fishing – attempt to land one of the BrownGolden or Rainbow Trout, gliding through the 17 trout dams on the property. The thrill of the catch will have you hooked forever.

The area offers excellent wing shooting – inclusive of DuckGeese and Guinea Fowl.





Two uniquely constructed and positioned buildings allow a group of 8 people to enjoy the splendour of Wakkerstroom.  Firstly an old styled rural English type stone cottage, build on the fringe of a trout filled lake, creates a romantic scene for both hunter and fisherman alike. Well rounded off with a beautifully African style decorated common area full of local trophies sets the table for a most enjoyable time for the hunter and his family.

Second, well supported by a 4 story grain silo converted lodge with a complete elevator, spa, cigar room, entertainment area and spectacular views rounds off the accommodation options for our clients at Wakkerstroom with the sophistication this unique area deserves.





For rates and availability please contact Hannelie on 0878091635 or bookings@huntessential.co.za





All off-road and quad bike riders are requested to read and observe the Bikers' Code of Conduct available on this web site, in accommodations or the Info Centre, and comply with the code at all times.