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With surplus funds being available following the Auction fund-raising event, the formation of a formalised channel to manage these and future funds was felt to be necessary.  Accordingly, the Wakkerstroom Cancer Fund (WCF) has been established to manage funds already available and any income raised through planned future events. 

The WCF has an approved constitution and a savings account has been opened in order to control income and outgoings in future.  The WCF’s chairman is Nigel Mason and he will be supported by Rosmarie Weber (Treasurer),  Anne Clarke (Secretary and Marketing) and committee members Lizzie Lack and Kathy Barnado.   

Currently the WCF has seed funding from the Auction, the sale of paintings thereafter and from various other fund-raising functions.  The WCF has recently assisted a family in the community, the breadwinner of which lost his battle against cancer not long ago. 

All decisions relating to support of cancer patients requiring assistance will be made in consultation with a local registered medical practitioner and based on the criteria included in the Constitution. 

The aim of the WCF is to provide financial support to any resident of Wakkerstroom (or the surrounding area) who has cancer and is unable to finance related expenditure.  

For example financial difficulties, due to being unable to work, would be reason to offer financial support.  Each case will be considered on merit and the committee, with medical advice, will assess the amount of funding to be awarded and for what purposes.  Regular feedback on the Fund’s activities will be communicated through various channels and an annual general meeting will be open to the public.  All beneficiaries would have the option of anonymity and their wishes would be respected. 

How could you help?

  • If you are aware of people who could benefit from the fund’s assistance please contact one of the committee members (details below).
  • If you would like to donate to the fund please email Rosmarie Weber for more details.
  • We are currently organising our next fund raiser to be held on November 9th.  A group of line dancers have generously offered their talents and time for an evening to be hosted at Papillon.  If you are able to offer accommodation for them for that weekend please contact us.  But most important diarise the date and join us for a fabulous and fun evening for the whole family.  More details to follow. 

Contact details for committee members: 

Nigel Mason:    

Rosmarie Weber:

Anne Clarke:    

Kathy Barnardo:

Lizzie Lack:      


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