The Garret Emporium – Dine out 

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“The Garret Emporium” offers breakfast and lunch with an Italian based menu and different specials every weekend.

We are open from 9h00 – 15h30 every day except Tuesday and Wednesday.

Booking is advisable.


The Garret

Something you can try at Home…

Amarula Tiramisu 

+ 100ml strong black coffee

+ 100ml Amarula

+ 24 Boudoir biscuits

Mix coffee and Amarula and use this to dip biscuits in – they must not be too soggy!!

2          eggs separated, use only one white

75g      Caster sugar

75ml     Amarula

500g    Mascarpone cheese

Whisk 1 egg white until thick and frothy.  In a separate bowl whisk egg yolks with caster sugar until thick and a pale yellow.  Fold in mascarpone cheese and Amarula.

Layer this mixture with soaked biscuits.  Allow to set in fridge (at least 6 hours). Sieve cocoa over and serve immediately.

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